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About This Site [neb]

This site is meant to give you the ultimate in customized journal-style homepage experiences. Your view is yours alone. What you get is only for you.

Each day that you return to this site, a content entry will be selected using special personalized criteria from those you have yet to see. Any content that you have seen on a previous day is available through the "your content history" link above.

I expect to add content almost daily, so there should be something new for you each day. But if there's not, don't worry. Other people may or may not get the same content as you on the same day, but the experience you get over several days is guaranteed to be personal and unique.

For information on licensing this exciting technology, send a S.A.S.E. to:
ATTN: Special Content Manager
PO BOX 7008
ANN ARBOR, MI 48107-7008